Solar Energy

Since the dawn of human civilization, man has harnessed power of the Sun for all his needs. The mighty Sun has continually dawned inspiring ideas throughout human history. Solar energy is radiated energy from the Sun in the form of heat and light. It steers the climate and weather and supports all life on Earth.

The Brighter side:

The biggest attribute of solar energy is that it does not cause pollution. Solar power energy is a renewable resource. The Sun is ever present. The energy that we get from the Sun is free. The energy coming from the Sun can be renewed for all practical uses. Solar energy is permanent, since the Sun is always there to shine on us.

Solar energy is increasingly finding its validity in today's times where the non-renewable sources of energy such as petroleum, coal, etc are decaying at a steady rate.

We at DELMAS make controlled use of this energy resource, which forms the basis for our existence. The applications of Solar Energy are immensely far & wide. Solar energy technologies at DELMAS enable efficient use of solar radiation for practical ends.

We comprehend this gift of the Sun & have innovatively devised efficient Eco-friendly viable solutions.


Solar Swimming Pool Heaters


Domestic Solar Water Heater


Solar Street Light